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White shiny teeth look stunning, there are no two ways about that. Teeth are an important part of our facial features and the better they look, the better we look. Having great looking teeth however is not enough because no matter how good their shape is, if they are not white enough, then that will have a negative impact on the way you look.

If you have teeth that are not white enough, then all you have to do is come pay us a visit at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai and let our expert dentists deal with the issue through a teeth whitening procedure.

What exactly is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and most common dental procedures carried out in the world. Millions of people all around the globe consult their dentists to fix the discoloration of their teeth.

Teeth whitening is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure that is done to remove the yellowish color and stains from your teeth. The best thing about it is that it is normally complete in one session.

Teeth Whitening in dubai & abu dhabi

Why do we lose the whiteness of our teeth?

Enamel is the outer layer on your teeth. The whiteness and shine that your teeth generate depends on how light is reflected and scattered by the enamel. The dentin under the enamel plays a big part in it as well. How thick or smooth the enamel is, that is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents.

What happens is that pellicle, which is a thin coating, develops on the enamel and the pellicle begins to attract stains. On top of that, the enamel can also have small holes that can hold some stains. This reduces the whitening of the teeth.

What are the reasons for stains and yellow teeth?

Usage of tobacco, age, drinking liquids that are darker in color like fizzy drinks, cocoa, red wine and tea can take the whitening of your teeth. Not only that but age and not looking after teeth properly are another two big reasons why people lose the shine and have to resort to teeth whitening to get it back.

How is teeth whitening carried out?

Your dentist will as a first step start off by getting rid of the residue on your teeth. Once that is completed, the teeth whitening process will begin. There are different ways of doing that like zoom teeth whitening and laser teeth whitening. Which method is used to whiten your teeth will be decided by your dentist because they are professionals and they know what is best for you.

Since every method is different, the way they are carried out will differ too. So, please make sure that you discuss everything with your dentist in detail before you give your dentist the green signal for teeth whitening.

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