Scar Removal in Dubai

There can be a lot of reasons for scars. They remain as a reminder of some sort of trauma which can be an accidents or surgery. Burns, acne, chicken pox and other skin problems can lead to scarring as well. Some people get more scarred due to genetic preponderance. In the past no effective way of scar removal was present. The latest developments in cosmetic surgery techniques have enabled us to perform successful scar removal.

There can be serious emotional and psychological issues related to the presence of scars. This can lead to significant distress and lack of self esteem. With the development of latest and sophisticated techniques it is possible to make the scars less visible and sometimes completely go away. Depending upon the nature of the scar the treatments options can be decided.

Sometimes a single treatment is sufficient and in some cases a combination of various techniques or multiple sittings are recommended.

Scar Removal in Dubai

Which Scars are Treatable?

With the latest advances in cosmetic surgery techniques and the development of high end equipment, it is possible to treat nearly every type of scar. Various methods of scar removal are offered at our facility by highly trained cosmetic surgeons and we can deal with all types of scars.

How Scars are Treated:

The treatment of scars depends upon various factors like site, size and depth of them. Most of the scars are treatable regardless of the cause. Some scars can be completely erased using non invasive methods and a few larger ones require surgical intervention.  

There is a variety of scar removal treatment options available at our facility. The most commonly used methods include:
  • Surgical Correction of Scars
  • Non Surgical Correction of Scars
Surgical Correction of Scars:
The delicate and highly sophisticated procedures of scar correction require immense precision. To achieve best results a team of competent, compassionate and dedicated professionals is required. Our dedicated cosmetic surgeons are amongst the best in this field and that makes us the center of choice for scar removal in Dubai and UAE.

Non Surgical Scar Correction:

Most commonly treated scars by non surgical methods are acne scars. The most practiced method is the use of specially designed lasers. Different lasers are needed to treat different type of scars and there is no single laser that can treat every kind of scar.  We have a variety of lasers to treat various scars and different skin types. Our highly trained and skill plastic surgeons offer the best solution for scar removal based on individual needs.

These highly specialized lasers can work wonders in treating different types of scars. With the help of these latest lasers it is possible to get rid of scars without any kind of surgical intervention. Lasers offer a pain free and fast solution. No anesthesia is needed and the results are very good after a couple of sessions. Additional sessions may be required to completely erase the scars.

If you or any loved one is troubled by a scar anywhere on the body, you can contact us in full confidence for a detailed evaluation. We offer all kinds of scar treatments under a single roof by the most competent cosmetic surgeons in Dubai.

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