Rosacea Treatment in Dubai

The exact causes of rosacea are not clear. It results in redness of face and nose in particular and is very easily noticed in fair skinned individuals. In people having rosacea, the small blood vessels under the skin get dilated due to many triggers and that expansion of blood vessels leads to a flushed appearance and red face. This redness is triggered by aggravating factors like alcohol, spicy food, sun light exposure and sudden changes in temperature. It can be very frustrating as no specific medical treatment is available to cure it.

In the past it was considered impossible to treat rosacea. The only option was prevention and trigger control. These days Laser is considered the treatment of choice to treat this condition with very high success rates and no complications or side effects.

Rosacea Treatment in Dubai

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is characterized by areas of redness around the face. There can be redness on cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. The affected areas can develop tiny pimples or bumps as well and it can be associated with redness and dryness of the eyes.

These areas of increased redness on the face can be stressful and can lead to lack of confidence and psychological distress. There are a number of laser treatments available at our clinic to deal with these red spots on the face.

Laser for Rosacea Treatment:

The development of lasers has made it possible to treat rosacea. The special laser which is very effective is called intense pulsed light or IPL. During this treatment the light source targets the tiny blood vessels. These vessels disintegrate and shrink in size; it leads to a permanent decrease in redness and rosacea.  This latest, high-tech, painless and non invasive method is the treatment of choice for rosacea.

 The procedure to treat rosacea with IPL is non invasive and is associated with minimal discomfort. The chances of complications or side effects are extremely rare. There can be some redness and swelling after the procedure but it gets better within a few days. The skin becomes very sensitive following laser or IPL therapy so protection from sun light is advised for a few days following treatment.

Most of the people respond to treatment very well. Generally two to three sessions at an interval of four to six weeks are required for complete recovery. We are equipped with the latest laser and IPL machines to treat rosacea and our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons offer the best rosacea treatment in Dubai. If you have rosacea and are tired of trying to avoid triggers and have tried all the medications without any significant results we encourage you to contact our team of dedicated dermatologists in full confidence to discuss the treatment options.

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