Are you worried about getting a root canal treatment in Dubai? Here is all you need to know about it.

Root canal is a treatment that millions of people all over the world undergo every year. Teeth play an important role in how you look. Great teeth equal to a great smile but bad teeth can have an adverse effect on the way you look. Our teeth are exposed to all sorts of different issues due to what we eat and oral hygiene or the lack of it.

Some of those issues result dental problems that can only be sorted out through root canal treatment.

What is root canal treatment?

The first thing to know about root canal is that it is carried out by an endodontic. A root canal treatment is required when pulp of the tooth gets infected or when it starts to decay. That can result in inflammation which can cause the pulp to die. That is not a good thing to have and should be look after as soon as possible.

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How is a root canal treatment done?

Consult an endodontist if you are having trouble with your teeth. He will most probably suggest an X-ray to see the extent of the damage and how much decay there is. Once the doctor knows what he is dealing with, only then will he start the procedure.

Local anesthesia will be given to you as a first step of the procedure. The endodontist will then wait a little for the anesthesia to take effect. He will then drill a small hole in the teeth to take out all the dead pulp. Not only that, but the effected nerves causing pain will also be taken out.

The canal will then be disinfected and cleaned properly. All this will be done while you are still under anesthesia so you will not feel pain. The canal is then sealed to ensure that it does not develop infections. Dental fillers will then be put inside the hole that was used to treat the root canal.

What will I have to do after the procedure?

Please make sure that you listen to your doctor very carefully. He or she will of course prescribe a few antibiotics to ensure no infections rear their ugly heads. The doctor will tell you what to eat and drink and what you need to avoid so as to make sure you do not face any problems or pain.

There is a misconception that root canal treatments are very painful procedures. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. Yes, it causes some pain but it is nothing more than what is caused by dental fillers or other dental procedures. If you are a resident of Dubai and are thinking about going for a root canal treatment, then all you have to do is come to Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai and let our team of experienced and competent doctors take care of the problem.

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