Are your post surgical scars worrying you? Do you want to get them removed?

If you have undergone a surgery or have had an accident, then there is a big chance that you now have a scar or two on your skin. Scars do look ugly and that can affect your confidence negatively. It can also affect the way you look and that is never good. The advancement in medical science has now found the solution to this issue. Post surgical scars or scars developed due to any other reason can now be removed through various ways.

What are scars?

In simple layman terms, scars are nothing but the process of new skin taking the place of damaged skin of a wound. The appearance of a scar is a result of the direct healing process. So, scars are normal and they will appear on your skin if you have gone through a physical trauma.

Post Surgical Scars in Dubai

What are post surgical scars?

Post surgical scars as the name suggests are scars that develop as a result of an operation. It does not matter what kind of surgery it is, if you have had any operation that required incision and taking away or cutting the different layers of the skin, then there is a big chance that a scar will appear on your skin. The body part does not matter either because scarring can appear on any part of the body where the surgery has been done.

What needs to be done to avoid getting post surgical scars?

If you have had a surgery, then there are certain steps you can take to avoid post surgical scars. Rest can be extremely beneficial for the wound to heal as well as it should. Taking care of the wound and keep a close eye on infections can also help greatly in terms of avoiding post surgical scars.

If you have a chronic illness like diabetes, then it should be controlled. Don't put pressure on any incision that you might have and last but definitely not the least, if you expose your skin to a lot of sunlight, then that might go against healing the wound. Try to avoid sunlight as much as you can and that will help to reduce the risk of you getting scars after surgery.

What can be done in case of post surgical scars?

If you have had a surgery and you don't like the scar that has appeared on your skin as a result of that, then you need to consult a good cosmetic surgeon. It is extremely important that you go to a doctor who knows what he is doing and is competent because an incompetent doctor can make it worse.

There are different methods that your cosmetic surgeon can use to treat your post surgical scars. Silicon wound treatment, incision placement, massage, steroid injections and different medications might be advised to tackle the issue of post surgical scars.

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