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Mikhail Gorbachev as everyone knows is one of the most famous politicians of all time. He was known for a lot of things and among those was a big birthmark on his forehead known as a Port Wine Stain. Gorbachev is however not the only person in the world who has that because it is a quite common phenomenon that in most cases develops at the time of infancy. The good news is that Port Wine Stains can be removed through laser surgery.

What exactly is a Port Wine Stain?

Also known as firemark, Port Wine Stains are more often than not just birthmarks that children get at the time of birth. However, in some instances, they can also develop in the early days of childhood.

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What causes Port Wine Stains?

Port Wine Stains are caused because of abnormal blood vessels in a specific localized area. What exactly happens is that a particular area does not have enough nerve fibers which in turn causes blood vessels, known as capillaries, to expand or grown in size. This is basically what triggers Post Wine Stains.

Can Port Wine Stains be treated?

As people grow in age, the stains begin to get darker and grow. In most cases, the Port Wine Stains show up on the face but in some instances they can also develop on other parts of the body. Normally, these stains remain for life and there is nothing that can be done to remove them.

Having said that, it is not all doom and gloom because medical science has made huge strides forward and now there are types of port wine stains that can be treated if they are detected early.

How can I have Port Wine Stains treated?

There are all sorts of different ways to tackle the issue of Port Wine Stains. Laser treatment, skin camouflage and IPL are three techniques used to get rid of the stains. The most commonly used method is laser treatment.

What do I do to have a Port Wine Stain removed?

If you have a Port Wine Stain, then you have to consult a doctor as the first step. He will see how big the stain is and then advise you the best way forward. When it comes to laser treatment, the cosmetic surgeon will give you local anesthesia. Then the affected area is targeted by a laser beam that gets to work in order to treat the issue with capillaries.

The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the Port Wine Stain to be removed and once the doctor is satisfied with the procedure, he or she will put on some ice or an ointment to get rid of the discomfort you might face. Please note that normally one session is not enough so you might have to go back for more sessions to get it removed.

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