Lip Enlargement

Who doesn't want lips that are full of volume? Great looking lips make you look great and young whereas thin lips lack volume which in turn makes you look weak and not very attractive. Now there are different reasons why some people have thin lips. It could be because of their genetic makeup or it could be because of age. As we grow older the fat on the face begins to decline. Among all other facial features, that affects lips as well.

Now that is not to say that thin lips are always bad. At times they go with other facial features and make you feel very attractive. However if you don't like the way your lips look, then it might be time for you to consider lip enlargement.

Lip Enlargement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Types of lip enlargement procedures

Lip enlargement is something that is becoming increasingly common these days. If you are thinking about getting it done, then consult a good cosmetics surgeon who will be in a better position to suggest what you need by looking at and examining your lips in detail.

There are different types of lips enlargement or lips augmentations methods for you to consider. Some of the most common ones are fat injections, collagen fillers, dermal fillers and Hyaluronic acid fillers.

In dermal fillers, different substances are put into the lips via injections to enhance the volume of the lips. In fat injections, fat is taken from different parts of the body of the patient herself and then injected into the lips. In Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, the fillers used closely resemble the natural Hyaluronic acid that is present in our bodies. These fillers stay in the body for long as well. Lastly, there are collagen fillers that are extracted from a human body or that of a cow. Collagen plays an important role in keeping the skin vibrant and fresh.

The Procedure

Please make sure you listen to your cosmetic surgeon and follow the instructions he or she gives you before you undergo the procedure. You will most probably be asked to make a few lifestyle changes in the days leading up to the treatment and it is very important that you listen to those and follow them right down to the letter.

As far as the actual procedure goes, it will begin with the doctor first cleaning the treatment area and then numbing it how he or she sees fit. Fillers will then be injected in specifically marked places around the lips to augment them and enhance their volume. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the process, he or she will then massage the treatment region to make sure that the results are evenly spread.

As was the case before the procedure began, the doctor will tell you to be careful about a few things after it is completed as well.  Please make sure that you listen to the doctor and follow his instruction and the prescription he gives you.

If you are in Dubai and want to undergo lip enlargement, then give us a call and let our medical team at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai advise you what you need to do to get gorgeous lips.

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