Laser Vaginal and Anal Bleaching

The color of the skin around the vaginal area gets darker in a lot of women with time. The reason for that could be age, infection, giving birth to a baby, some hormonal changes or of course genes. While there the dark pigmentation is not a sign of a problem and it does not really do anything, it can have a negative impact on a woman’s psychology.

Some women don’t like the area around their vagina to look dark when they take a look at it in the mirror. It affects their self esteem which then results in poor sexual relationship. At times, even their partners might not like that dark color. The solution however is very simple. Women who want to do away with it can always opt for laser vaginal and anal bleaching procedure.

What does the procedure do?

In technical terms the dark pigmentation develops because of melanin’s high concentration in the epidermis in that particular region. So laser vaginal and anal bleaching procedure basically pin points the issue and uses a laser to do away with it. The laser hits and takes away the layer in the epidermis that is responsible for the dark color of the skin. The good thing is, the results even after one session can last forever and that is one of the biggest advantages of laser vaginal and anal bleaching procedure.

The Procedure

The laser vaginal and anal bleaching procedure is a relatively straightforward procedure and does not take a lot of time. It is not invasive either which is another extra benefit. You will most probably be advised by your doctor not to wax, shave or tan your genital area a few days before the procedure. The doctor will also ask you to use an anti-bacterial lotion for you to apply before you come for the procedure.

Anesthesia will be administered to the treatment area as the first step. That will be done to numb that particular region so that the burning sensation that the laser produces during the procedure doesn’t cause any discomfort. The laser is focused at the perineal, vulvo-vaginal and anal region to take away the dark skin layer. It normally takes not more than three sessions to complete the procedure. After every session, the area is disinfected and special medial underwear is given to the patient to wear. The patient is advised to rest for a few hours before she is allowed to go home.

Recovery Period

Your cosmetic surgeon will advise you to follow a few steps and take care of a few things once you are free to go home. You will be asked to keep the genital region clean and dry. You will also be given an antibiotics course and will also be asked to put on some topical creams. You will have to stop physical activities such as sports for a few days. Please make sure you consult your doctor before you resume your physical exertions.

If you follow your doctor’s advise, then there will be nothing to worry about.

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