Laser Skin Tightening

Millions of people around the world develop bad skin all over the world.  A bad looking, dull skin with large pores and without luster can have a serious negative impact on that way you look. That in turn can dent your confidence. The solution however to deal with the issue is quite simple and is known as laser skin tightening. It is a fairly straightforward procedure that used high energy laser beam to tighten the skin to make it look fresh and shiny all over again.

Laser Skin Tightening in Dubai

Why does the skin get damaged?

There are all sorts of different reasons that can cause your skin go bad. Environment, dirt, exposure to sun light on a regular basis, genes, trauma, regular stress, taking a lot of caffeine and bad diet among others are some of the most common reasons that eventually end up in you having a dull, bad skin. Yes, laser skin tightening can help you solve the issue but it is imperative that you take care of your skin as much as possible.

The Procedure

Before you decide to go for laser skin tightening, please make sure that you consult a doctor. This is very important because chances are high that your doctor will ask you to do a few things before you undergo treatment. You might be asked to avoid using some creams and avoid too much exposure to sun. Your doctor might also advise you to make sure your skin doesn’t dry and it properly moisturized most of the time.

As far as the laser skin tightening procedure itself is concerned, it is a relatively straightforward one. First and foremost, your doctor will either numb the treatment area or apply a cooling gel before the treatment begins. Then a laser beam will hit the affected area in short but quick pulses. This is done through a small handheld device. What the laser does is that it fastens the speed of production of collagen and at the same time, it absorbs any extra collagen that there might be. It is the new collagen that will make your skin glow more and make it firm.


It is very important to listen to what your cosmetic surgeon has to say once you are done with your laser ski tightening procedure. You will most likely be asked to do a few things so as to make sure that no problems crop up after the treatment. Some of the most steps that doctors advise their patients are keeping the skin moisturized, usage of some prescribed products and use of ice to help the swelling subside. You will most probably also be asked to make sure that you do not scratch your skin or use a scrubber. And you will also be asked to stop using some topical products by your doctor. Please make sure that you listen to everything your doctor tells you because post-op recovery is equally important.

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