Injectable Fillers

Age, climate, diseases, genetic conditions, trauma and medication can have a serious negative impact on our skin. Any of these conditions can cause the skin to lose its shine and luster or make wrinkles appear. Now we all like to look good and feel fresh but a poor skin makes sure we never get to look how we want to.

A lot of women try to hide their wrinkles through makeup but your makeup can only do so much. There comes a point when you are left with no option but to do something about your skin. This is when you need to consider getting injectable fillers. It is a technique that has brought about a revolution is cosmetic surgery and it helps you turn back the clock by making your skin shiny and vibrant once again.

Injectable Fillers in Dubai UAE

What are injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers are nothing but fillers made up of soft tissues. They are, as the name shows, injected to remove wrinkles and make the skin look full of volume and life. The thing to consider is that most of these fillers are absorbed by the skin overtime so if you are looking to get injectable fillers, you might have to undergo the procedure on more than one occasion like once or twice a year. Consult a good cosmetic surgeon to discuss how injectable fillers work and for how long do they last.

Types of injectable fillers

There are different types of injectable fillers available. Their usage is in most cases determined by the doctor because they are the ones who know what is best for you. Some of the common injectable fillers are temporary dermal fillers, collagen fillers, semi-permanent dermal fillers, permanent dermal fillers, fat injections and Hyaluronic acid based fillers among others.

The Procedure

Your face will be studied by the doctor and areas will be marked for injectable fillers. The face will then be thoroughly cleaned and a cream or anesthesia will be used to numb the treatment region. Once that is done, then the induction of injectable fillers begins. Relatively small amount of fillers are taken and they are injected into the areas already marked on the face. After the surgeon is satisfied with the procedure, the face is massaged lightly and the treatment area is cleaned.


Administering of injectable fillers is a small and simple procedure generally but is a procedure nonetheless. You will some stiffness or irritation on the skin but that will wear off completely in a while. Your cosmetic surgeon will tell you in detail what to do after the procedure so please make sure you follow everything he tells you.

Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai

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