Hemangiomas are benign tumors that are in most cases not very dangerous. They are normally congenital in nature which of course means that they occur during infancy or before birth. Hemangiomas show up either on different parts of the skin or internal organs like liver etc. The good thing is that they are not cancerous which means that there are benign in nature and do nothing but look weird and ugly.

Hemangiomas in Dubai

Do Hemangiomas cause any discomfort?

Hemangiomas are caused due to an abnormal collection of blood vessels and in quite a lot of cases, they disappear overtime as well. However if they do not disappear and grow larger in size, then they might cause discomfort. Some common symptoms that crop up due to Hemangiomas are vomiting, nausea, reduced appetite, loss of weight and abdominal pains. If one or more of these issues are plaguing you, then getting a doctor to check you is a good option.

Can I get rid of Hemangiomas?

Now let us discuss the good part. Hemangiomas can be removed and that too very easily and through relatively pain free procedures by using laser.  The entire procedure is so easy and convenient to conduct that takes just a few minutes and is done on an outpatient basis.

The Procedure

As the first step, your doctor might put on a cream or administer local anesthesia on the area to be treated. This is used to numb the treatment area in order to reduce any discomfort you might face during the procedure. In some cases, even that is not needed but that call will be made by the doctor after taking into consideration different factors like your health, age and the lesion’s size.

A laser beam then hits the lesion and generates heat that breaks the Hemangiomas. It also treats the organ where the lesion was. Not only that, but the laser beam also ensures that any inflammation that might occur is reduced and the body starts healing itself naturally. Then a cooling device is used to minimize the heat you might feel because of the laser beam hitting your body.

What to do after the procedure?

Since you might feel a little stiff or stingy for a little while after the procedure, it is very important that you listen to what your doctor has to tell you once the procedure is completed. There might be a little bit of swelling too and your skin color might change, but there minor issues will go away quite quickly.

Your cosmetic surgeon will tell you how to deal with them and he or she might advise you a few medicines too as a precaution. Please make sure that you do everything that your doctor tells you to do. This is just as important as listening to your doctor before you underwent the Hemangiomas removal procedure. So, please make sure that you don’t take it lightly.

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