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Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu dhabi


Hair loss and baldness is one of the most common problem faced by millions of men and a lot of women. The development of hair transplant techniques has revolutionized the way this problem can be addressed. It is no longer required to wear a wig or suffer in silence. Hair is your crowning glory and our goal is to create the most natural appearance for you using the latest and very effective hair transplant techniques.

We practice the most modern procedures of hair transplant to produce undetectable and natural results.  In the past hair plugs or mini-grafts were used resulting in very unpleasant and unnatural results. These effects can be corrected and the hideous hair transplants can be revised to have a perfectly natural and refined look.

The Procedure:

During a hair transplant hair follicles are harvested from the scalp or any other area of the body and are placed where the hair are thinning or at bald spots. This very delicate procedure requires time, skills and latest equipment to ensure maximum results.

The hair can be taken from the back of the head and a strip can be removed or individual hair follicles can be punched out before placing them where they are needed. It takes some time for them to get settled and within a few weeks they start to grow.

It is very important to place the follicles in a way that their growth follows a right pattern and direction. Many patients who have had a bad experience with old hair transplant surgeries are unaware of modern hair transplant advantages and are reluctant to seek help because of their previous bad experience. With the latest techniques of hair transplant it is possible to achieve very natural looking hair without the artificial look.

Strip harvesting and Follicular Extraction both have their merits and de merits. There is a lot of debate about the superiority of one or the other technique but most of these discussions have no sound grounds. The most important thing is to select the right technique suitable for the right individual. Our team has been involved in hair transplantation since a long time and we offer both techniques with equally good results.

The seemingly simple task of taking a few hairs out of one area and placing them back in another is based on a very complex procedure. It requires exceptional skills and to perform it with precision requires a lot of time. It is absolutely essential to evaluate every person in detail before planning the procedure. The donor areas need to be identified carefully and the suitable technique has to be decided in best possible way for optimum results.

Since hair loss is progressive, it is very important to have realistic expectations. Out hair transplant team offers honest advice about the procedure keeping in mind all the factors. Our extreme attention to detail makes us the best hair transplant center in Dubai.

Strip harvesting and FUE are equally good and effective techniques for harvesting donor grafts. Each technique has its own benefits. Strip harvesting provides a more economical solution. FUE is well suited for patients who do not wish to have a big scar at the back of their head. It is also an excellent choice for young patients seeking small procedures. Grafts can be taken from other areas of the body using FUE, and these can be used to camouflage strip scars.  

Successful graft harvesting is only a small component of surgical hair restoration; the best results can only be achieved with a dedicated team that keeps in mind all the aspects to restore your locks.    

Our highly skilled doctors will discuss the best possible options with you before performing this procedure to ensure that all your doubts are cleared. Treatments to stop further hair loss like oral finasteride and topical minoxidil are also offered to suitable candidates.

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