G-Spot Enhancement Treatment

The G-Spot is also known as the Grafenberg Spot as bit of a tribute to the Germany gynecologist who found it quite a few decades ago. The G-Spot is located inside the female vagina. When the G-Spot in a woman is simulated during sexual intercourse, it results in her feeling pleasure and that can eventually end up in her having an orgasm.

The location of the G-Spot is at the vaginal canal’s top. It is not easy to find, and at times even women themselves have trouble locating it. Now there is a procedure known as the G-Spot enhancement treatment that can improve its physical nature which in turn helps women with orgasms.

Who needs a G-Spot enhancement treatment?

The G-Spot enhancement procedure is for women who do not enjoy the sensations that are triggered by the simulation of the G-Spot due to age related changes. Then there are some women who do not get turned on while making love as much as they used to before. Women who want to have a better experience when it comes to sexual intercourse are also suitable candidates to have this procedure done.

On the other hand, if you have never had an orgasm, or have some conditions related to your vagina and suffer from allergies related to your vagina, then the G-Spot enhancement treatment is not recommended for you. Even if you have or don’t have these conditions, it is always advised to consult a doctor so that he or she can discuss it in detail and give you their expert medical opinion.

How is it done?

Always consult your doctor before deciding to go for G-Spot enhancement treatment. Once you decide you want to go for it, you will be asked to locate the exact place of the G-Spot yourself. A pelvic exam is then conducted and exact measurements are taken by the surgeon to pinpoint G-Spot’s location. You will be asked to assist the doctor in this process.

The specifications are then moved to a speculum. Little anesthesia is given to the region and the speculum containing the exact location of the G-Spot is then put inside the vagina via a small needle. Collagen is then inserted into the G-Spot to enhance it. Finally, a tampon is used in order to stop spotting of the blood that might have risen because of the needle. The tampon is taken out after a few hours.


Women that have had G-Spot enhancement treatment, need to make sure that the effects of anesthesia wear off completely. That is very important. Since, the procedure involves no incisions or surgery, the patient can get back to her normal routine almost instantly. As for making love, she can have sex the same night of the procedure normally but only after taking advice from her doctor.

The great effects of G-Spot enhancement treatment last for quite a few months without any side effects. If you feel any issues or problems after the procedure which is extremely rare, please get in touch with your surgeon as soon as possible.

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