Fine Lines and Wrinkles in Dubai

Do not panic if you have just noticed your first wrinkles, there is no need to get stressed about fine lines and wrinkles anymore, these signs of ageing are now treatable. The main reason for fine line and wrinkles is the damage to skin. It is caused by ageing, sun light, gravity, pollutants and stress. All these factors weaken the underlying connective tissue that forms the firm base for the skin.

The skin also loses its elasticity with time, all these damaging effects result in development of fine lines and wrinkles. These can be around the eyes, on the forehead or around the mouth. There are many treatment options available to treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles in Dubai

Treatment for Fine Lines and Wrinkles:


The most commonly known treatment available for wrinkles, especially crow feet and the fore head creases is Botox. This tiny injection can smooth out the skin in no time and the results are superb. These days many people are considering Botox at a younger age to treat the wrinkles as soon as they start to appear. In expert hands this procedure is extremely safe and effective. We are amongst the pioneers in providing Botox treatment in Dubai with excellent results.


With the use of fillers, the lines are filled from underneath making the skin smooth again. There are many types of fillers available in the market.  We only use the best quality, international standard fillers. Body fat can also be used as filler and the results are excellent.

Chemical Skin Peels:

Chemical skin peels are very effective to treat very fine lines and wrinkles. Especially those resulting from sun damage in younger age group. They greatly improve the skin texture and quality and give great results when done by experts as our highly trained cosmetic surgeons.

Laser Skin Resurfacing:

Another very effective treatment option is laser skin re surfacing. During this process the skin is tightened and targeted scarring results in the formation of new collagen which strengthens the supporting connective tissue under the skin. This procedure can take a while to show complete results but at the end, it is all worth the effort.

Surgery (Face Lift, Brow Lift)

Cosmetic surgery is synonymous for a facelift in general language. This procedure is the ultimate choice and gives excellent results for a very long time.  Sharper contours can be regained with it and wrinkles are literally smooth out.

The ideal treatment plan to tackle fine lines and wrinkles depends upon individual scenario and can vary from person to person. Some people may require a combination of many treatments while others might need just a couple of sittings of a single treatment. We design the best treatment plan for you and offer our services in highly professional and discreet manner.

Our finest cosmetic surgeons offer the best treatments available for fine lines and wrinkles at an affordable cost. Give us a call or book your consultation today and say good bye to wrinkles.
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