Female Hair Transplant

Baldness is an issue that men encounter most of the time. Men lose hair more often than women because this is how nature works. There are some unfortunate women in this world who have had to deal with this issue as well. There was a time when hair transplant techniques were tailor-made for men. Women suffering from hair loss had to put up with it on most occasions and if they went for a hair transplant, then the results would not be up to the mark.

It was an issue that needed to be looked at because there were women who needed to have hair transplant because of receding hairs or no hair at all. Now, female hair transplant is possible but that too not in all cases.

Female Hair Transplant Dubai, dhabi

Why do women lose hair?

There can be a lot of different reasons as to why certain women start to lose hair. A lot of research has been done on the issue over the years but there are no clear cut causes for hair loss in women. There are some however that a lot of medical experts think trigger hair loss. Female hair loss can be due to bad genes, due to undue stress, tension, physical or mental trauma, bad health, bad diet, the environment, aging and medication. Any one of these factors can cause hair loss in women. At least these are considered to be some of the most common factors that trigger hair loss in women.

What do female hair transplants do?

Female hair transplant, as the name says, is a technique to re-grow hair in women. If there are any bald patches, they can be filled with female hair transplant. What that will result in is a serious boost in self confidence and will also make you feel and look young and more vibrant.

Types of procedure

There are different ways of doing the female hair transplant but the two most common ones are FUE Hair Transplant and the Stem Cell FUE Hair Transplant. In the former, hair grafts are extracted manually. The second method uses an automatic punch tool in order to harvest hair. Consult a doctor and discuss your issue with him and he will be able to tell you about the method to be used in your case.

The procedure

The hair on the donor region and the ones surrounding it will be removed so that there are no issues when it comes to taking hair follicles. Local anesthesia will be put to numb the scalp. One of the above two methods will then be used to extract follicles and they will then be put into the recipient area through multiple incisions.

It is a highly technical procedure that needs to be done by a competent doctor. Your doctor will tell you what to do after the procedure. Listen to everything he has to say carefully and take the medicines he prescribes post-op. Listening to the doctor is very important because the post-op period is essential in ensuring that everything goes according to the script.

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