Eyelash Hair Transplant

Your eyelashes will always play a very important role in how you look. If you have thin or receding eye lashes, then it will not matter how good other parts of your body are, there will always be something missing. So, having luscious, dense eyelashes is very important if you want to look attractive.

Eyelash Hair Transplant Dubai

Do you need an eyelash hair transplant?

Losing hair from the scalp is very common but losing eyelash hair is the exact opposite. People do not normally suffer from the loss of eyelash hair so if you are suffering from it, then there might be an underlying issues that needs to be looked at. An accident, trauma or burns can make the loss permanent. The great news is that the process can now be reversed. It does not really matter what the cause of the loss of eyelash was, you can now have them back and that too better than they were originally, through eyelash hair transplant.

What is the eyelash hair transplant?

The most common and the most effective method used for eyelash hair transplant is of course the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. Follicles from another part of your body are taken and harvested and then implanted into the eyelashes.

When the eyelash hair transplant begins, the cosmetic surgeon will give local anesthesia to the area surrounding the eyelashes so that it gets number and the pain that you feel is minimal.  Then the hair extraction will begin from the donor region of your body, with grafts being taken out.

The next step consists of making small incisions in and around the treatment area so that the new follicles can be implanted into the skin. A good cosmetic surgeon will always make sure that your new eyelashes look as natural as possible. Once the grafts are implanted, the doctor will close the incisions to end the surgery.


You will feel some swelling or redness and it will last for a few hours but this is natural so no need to worry about it. A big part of the swelling will go away slowly but surely. Your doctor will also ask you to follow some steps and might also tell you what to do in order to be more comfortable.

Like is the case with almost every surgery, you will have to make sure that you listen to the doctor extremely carefully and follow everything he tells you. Not doing that will only increase your discomfort and you will have to go back to the clinic sooner than originally scheduled.

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