Dermapen Micro Needling

Human skin needs to be looked after because it takes a lot of pounding every day from dust, severe heat and unpredictable weather etc. If that is not enough, then we all have to deal with the natural aging process as well. All these factors combine to damage our skin and we can develop wrinkles, scars or enlarged pigments. The good news is that we can do away with these issues to a large extent now and turn back the clock to get a shinier and firmer skin.

One of the most common and revolutionary methods to get better skin is known as Dermapen micro needling.

Dermapen Micro Needling in Dubai

What is Dermapen?

As the name signifies, a Dermapen is a device that looks like a pen. It has a motor that powers it and has twelve micro needles on its tip which are disposable of course. There are quite a few advantages of using this revolutionary device, the first of those being that it causes hardly any pain at all. The session times are very short and the needle can be adjusted according to the skin of the patient. It does not cause any infection either because the needles are used only once and have to be changed after every session. Last but not the least, a Dermapen does not cost a lot either.

The procedure

A procedure carried out by using Dermapen lasts up to 30 minutes in most cases. This is how easy and efficient it is. The cosmetic surgeon will apply an antiseptic cream on the area that is to be treated after cleaning it properly. Another ointment to numb the skin might be used if your doctor thinks that is necessary.

Once that is done, the Dermapen comes into play. Your doctor will move it on the treatment area and it will create micro channels in your skin. They will be used to penetrate skin care products along with serum into the skin. The process will allow the skin to rejuvenate, which will result in you having a much better looking skin once you are through with the procedure. More gels will be put on your skin as the last step of the procedure.

Do I have to do something after the procedure?       

One of the biggest advantages of using Dermapen is that there is close to no recovery period. You can restart your daily routine as soon as you walk out of the clinic. There might be some tightening or redness of the skin but that should subside in one or two days maximum. Old skin will also start to shed in a few days with new fresher skin taking its place.

Your doctor will most probably ask you to take a few steps after your Dermapen micro needling session like non exposure of the skin to the sun and washing your face with a cleanser. Your might also be advised to put on some sun screen lotion or cream. It is very important to follow those instructions religiously.

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