Dental Fillings

Who doesn't want a perfect smile and your teeth play a very important role in that. Good perfectly aligned, white and shiny teeth are central to you having a smile people dream of. While our teeth our quite strong, they do encounter issues from time to time. Sometimes they are plagued with cavities while in other cases, you might encounter the issue of a chipped or a broken tooth.

Restoration or repairing of these issues is now quite easy and very common as well. You just need to find the doctor that knows how to do that. Cosmetics Surgeries Dubai has one of the best dentist teams in Dubai and you can always schedule an appointment by calling on the number on our website.

Dental Fillings in dubai & abu dhabi

Why do you need dental fillings?

Spaces develop in our teeth which give access to bacteria to enter and cause damage. Dental fillings close those spaces to protect and strengthen your teeth. If there is any decaying issue with your teeth, dental fillings will counter that problem too. Last but not the least, dental fillings also improve the overall structure and shape of your teeth which plays a big part in them functioning properly. Perfect teeth are not too bad for confidence either.

Dental Fillings and their types

There are so many options to pick from these days as far as dental fillings are concerned. Gold fillings, glass lonomer fillings, ceramic fillings, composite fillings and ceramic fillings are some of the most popular and dental fillings used these days. Your dentist can tell you in detail about them and suggest the one that is best for you.

If the tooth decay has gone beyond the point of being cured with dental fillings, then the dentist might be forced to take some extra measures. The dentist might put a crown on the filling to give it extra protection. But if the nerves inside the teeth have been damaged, then the doctor might have to do what is known as root canal procedure. In this case, the dentist might keep the nerves alive or remove them altogether after checking the extent of the damage.

We recommend going to the dentist at least once every year because in quite a lot of the cases, people don't get any signs of anything being wrong with their teeth until it is too late. This is why even if you are facing no issues with your teeth, you should still pay your dentist a visit once a year to see if everything is okay.

Now if you are a resident of Dubai and you need to go to the dentist for a dental filling, then pick up your phone and dial the number on our website to make an appointment with us at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai. Getting yourself checked was never this easy, especially from arguably the best team of doctors in the city. Pay us a visit and see the difference yourself.

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