Dark Circle Treatment in Dubai

It is commonly believed that the main reason for dark circle development is lack of sleep or tiredness, Though these factors can aggravate the already present dark circles, the main cause of dark circle formation is lack of blood supply to the delicate area surrounding the eyes.

Dark Circle Treatment in Dubai

Dark Circle Treatment:

Dark circles can greatly affect the appearance and can make you look tired, sometimes it is hard to conceal them with makeup and wearing sun glasses all the time is not a possibility. These panda eyes are very resistant to conventional methods of treatment.

Certain creams and serums can reduce dark circles but cannot completely cure them. The latest option for dark circle treatment is carboxytherapy, in which small amount of carbon dioxide is injected in the under eye area. This carbon dioxide acts as a stimulator for increased blood supply and leads to formation of new blood vessels, resulting in tremendous increase of blood supply to that area.

Improved circulation enhances the skin texture and quality and the dark circles gradually disappear.

Is Carboxytherapy Safe?

This procedure is absolutely safe when performed by experts. Carbon dioxide is present in our body naturally and it is a waste product of metabolism. Whenever the body detects extra carbon dioxide, it automatically increases the blood supply to that area. The same principle is applied during this latest treatment modality.

There is little discomfort and the process takes ten to fifteen minutes. The results start to appear within weeks and further touch ups are required to maintain the results. This treatment is also very effective for under eye bags and puffy eyes and is associated with no side effects.

People who wear glasses or have allergies are prone to develop dark circles and this treatment can offer very promising results for them. Sometimes dark circles are hereditary or can result from certain medications. Regardless of the cause, carboxytherapy is one of the best treatment options.

Our highly skilled cosmetic surgeons perform this delicate procedure with great results. If you do not want to look like a raccoon or are tired of applying countless layers of congealer to hide these dark circles we can offer a perfect solution in the form of this latest dark circle treatment option.

Give us a call for a detailed evaluation and consultation by one of our highly competent cosmetic surgeons in Dubai for best dark circle treatment that will last for a long time.
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