Clitoral Hoodectomy

The clitoris in a female is a very important part of her body. It is extremely sensitive and resembles a button that helps women with sexual arousal and gets hard when she is aroused. The clitoris however is covered with prepuce which is also called the hood. The function of the hood is to protect the most sensitive area of the clitoris from any discomfort that might arise.

At times, the hood grows in size due to excessive skin and the region gets out of shape. A lot of women are not comfortable with that find is a little repulsive. The good news for women suffering from this issue is that it can be remedied and that too without too much of a hassle.  The procedure is called clitoral hoodectomy or clitoral hood reduction.

When do you need clitoral hoodectomy?

Clitoral hood reduction is not a procedure that is absolutely required. It always depends on whether the patient wants it or not. The first step is for the patient to make sure that she wants the excess skin to be removed.  Once the mind is made up, then the second step is to consult a cosmetic surgeon to discuss how to go about it. Now if the patient doesn’t like the way the vagina looks because of it, then clitoris hoodectomy can do away with the issue. At times, the extra skin can irritate while wearing clothes and it also sometimes bothers during running everyday chores.

Then there is an issue with making love. The hood can decrease sexual arousal, lower the ability to have an orgasm and can make women way too conscious of the hood to get intimate with their partner. Women facing any of these problems or any other issue because of the hood, should go for a clitoris hoodectomy.

The Procedure

The clitoris hoodectomy is normally carried out on an outpatient basis. The first thing that the doctors do is to clean the area completely and very carefully. Hydrogen Peroxide is normally used for this purpose. Then local anesthesia is given to the relevant region and the patient is put under sedation. Women do not encounter any pain as the procedure is carried out.

Cosmetic surgeons use different methods to remove the excessive skin and it is advised you consult your doctor to see which method will be used in your case. Once the hood is removed, the surgeon stitches the ends where cuts were made and puts bandage on it after cleaning it properly.

The procedure normally takes around 2 hours to complete, with the post op rest advised for 30 minutes to an hour. Your surgeon will also give you some medication and will also ask you to take care of a few things. It is extremely important to follow those instructions after the surgery.

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