Chin Reduction Treatment

Chin is one of the most important parts of your facial features. A good looking chin that is in proportion with the rest of your face makes you look attractive. However, on the other hand if your chin is larger than the other parts of your face, then it doesn't matter how good you look, there will always be something missing. So, to have a chin that complements other features of the face is extremely important.

Chin Reduction Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Do you need chin reduction treatment?

If your chin is rather large in size and is a little protruded, then that will affect the way you look. If it is something that bothers you and you want it corrected, then we suggest you get in touch with a good cosmetic surgeon to rectify the issue. In a lot of cases, the lines and curves of your chin are not aligned properly and that might call for chin reduction treatment as well.

What do before the surgery?

Before you undergo chin reduction treatment or surgery, please make sure that you avoid drinking or smoking. You will also be advised not to take any medicines likes aspirin that thin blood or are anti-inflammatory. The doctor might also make changes to your normal diet and the medicines you are already taking, that is if you are taking any. Please note that following the doctors' instructions to the letter is extremely important for the procedure to go as smoothly as possible.

The Process

Chin reduction treatment begins with the surgeon administering anesthesia. Once that is done, the surgeon will make a small incision, normally close to the lower lip, inside the mouth to look what is inside. Alterations are then made to the tissues and the bones to align the chin properly with other facial parts. In the end, the incision will be closed.

Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai

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