Chin Augmentation

Your chin plays a very important role in the way you look. Since it is part of your facial structure, it is very important to have a chin that is full and looks good in proportion to the rest of your features. Now everyone in this world does not have a good chin but that does not mean, they cannot get one. Chin augmentation procedures have made sure that people who have undersized chins can now get rid of the issue once and for all.

Chin Augmentation in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

When do you need a chin implant?

Now the thing to look for is whether you really need a chin implant or not. Although it is always recommended to consult a cosmetic surgeon to decide whether you need to have a chin implant or not, you can also check a few things to see if you need one.

If your chin is receding or is weak, then that is the first sign that chin augmentation is needed. The second thing to look for is, if your chin is affecting the lines or curves of your face. If that is the case and it is something that bothers you, then you might want to consult a doctor for chin augmentation. If your teeth and jaw are troubling you then that might be a sign that there is something wrong with your chin.

The Procedure

Like it always is the case, with almost every procedure, the first step consists of administering of anesthesia. Since chin implants is relatively safe procedure as compared to some others, local anesthesia is given to the patient. The surgeon then makes a small incision beneath the chin which is used to put in the implant.

Now the tricky part is to make sure that implant is held in place and it doesn't slip. That is done either by putting into a pocket that fits its size or by attaching the implant to either the soft tissue or the bone under the chin. Once the surgeon is satisfied that the implant is fine and it won't slip, the incision is stitched up to close the wound.


The recovery period is quite quick and the procedure doesn't really bother the patient too much. The patient starts to return to normal in a day. The patients are normally advised to rest for a few days and they get back to their normal routine after a period of one week. In case of any infections, which is very rare, the recuperation period can get a bit longer than originally thought.

If you have a chin that is worrying you because of one reason or another, then all you have to do is call us on the number mentioned on our website to schedule an appointment. Our cosmetic surgeons will take a good, detailed look at your chin and advise you the best way forward. We will not tell you to go for chin augmentation if you don't need it because you and your health is of paramount importance.

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