Cheek Implant

Do you want to have cheeks that are fuller? If your cheeks are a little too thin for your liking then cheek implants are what you need. Cheek implants or cheek augmentation is a technique that enhances your cheeks and makes them look fuller.

Cheek Implant in dubai & abu dhabi

When do you need a cheek implant?

You are a candidate for a cheek augmentation if your cheeks are flat. If your cheeks have decreased in size and the contours of your jawline need to be enhanced, then we suggest you get in touch with a cosmetic surgeon. The features of your face might need to be improved and that is why a good cosmetic surgeon needs to consulted. We have some of the best at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai.

The Procedure

There are different ways of doing cheek implants. Some of them do not require surgery like:

  • Fat Injection

In fat injection, as the name suggests, fat is added or injected to the cheeks. The best part about the process is that the fat to be injected is taken from the body of the patient. So , if you are a patient, the fat taken from some other part of the body will be used to enhance your cheeks.

  • Injectable Fillers

There is another non surgical way of doing it as well. Fillers are injected in the cheek to increase the volume of the cheeks which in turn then improves the contours.

Although, these two methods are relatively simple and quite useful, the results are not so permanent. There are other methods that you can go for to have long lasting effects like malar and submalar implants. The former gives more projection and are put on the cheekbones whereas the latter ensures that your cheeks are fuller by doing away with sunken appearance.

How is it done?

Since cheek implants do not take much time, the entire process is normally completed in an hour or so. Local anesthesia is given to the patient and then a tiny incision is made which is used to place the implant in the cheek. The place of the incision may vary from patient to patient and your cosmetic surgeon will tell you where it will be done in your case. Once the implant is put in place, the incision is stitched to complete what is a relatively straightforward procedure.

Your doctor will give you some instructions to follow after the surgery, so please make sure that you follow those to the letter.

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