Buttock Lift

There are different reasons behind a sagging or a drooping buttock. Some of those are heredity while others could be age or intense loss of weight. The bottom line is that as much as a well shaped buttock enhances your personality, a sagging one can ruin the way you look. The issue however can be remedied now and that too without too many hassles or complications. The solution is what we call a Buttock Lift.

Do you need a buttock lift?

Yes of course you do if you have lost a bit too much weight of late to look good. You might be a candidate for a buttock lift also if the gluteal area contains excessive fat which normally happens with ageing. If your thighs and buttocks are somewhat crinkled, then it is time for you to consider a buttock enhancement procedure. Like it always is the case, we recommend that you consult a good cosmetic surgeon and let him take a look at what needs to be done.

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What does a buttock lift do?

A buttock lift procedure will improve the shape and the look of your buttock and take away a few years from your age as far as your appearance is concerned. It will also improve your confidence and you will be able to wear all those clothes that you have avoided over the years because of drooping buttocks. The best part is that the procedure will not only give you better curves but will also make your butts smoother and of course tighter.

You need to be careful of

Your cosmetic surgeon will check in detail whether you need a buttock lift in the first place or not. If you do, then there are a few things you need to do before you undergo the surgery. You will have to skip smoking and drinking. If you are taking any medications, then that might have to be changed as well if your cosmetic surgeon says so. You might be given some added medicines that you will have to take regularly. Last but definitely, not the least, you will also have to follow a diet plan.

The procedure

You will be given anesthesia as a starting point. This is general anesthesia of course and not local anesthesia. Then incisions will be made to different parts your body like the groin, hip and waist among some other places close to your butts. Excess skin will be taken on and the required changes will be made. Once that it done, the incisions will be closed. You will be back to your normal routine in no time at all.

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