Browlift Surgery

Age is only just a number especially if you know how to look young. As you grow in age, the skin starts to sag and fall a little. The process keeps growing as age increases. Eyebrows are affected by age as well. As age increases, the skin of your forehead begins to sag and frowns begin to appear. Age is however not the only reason of sagging eyebrows. Some people are born with sagging and falling eyebrows by birth due to their genetic makeup.

Sagging eyebrows make a person look tired and that is when browlift surgery comes into play. There are different types of Browlift procedures and there are a lot of various factors you need to consider if you are thinking of getting one done.

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When do you need browlift surgery?

Not everyone should go for browlifts. You should however try and go for a browlift surgery if you have drooping eyebrows or have too much skin. If there is fatty tissue over your eyes, then you need to consider a browlift surgery too. Also, if you look tired and exhausted because of sagging eyebrows, it is time to consider a browlift surgery.

People that do not smoke and are healthy, are good to go for a browlift. It is extremely important for you to not have any unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure. This is very important because realistic expectations about the results will put you in the right state of mind to undergo the procedure.

Type of browlift surgeries

  • Endoscopic Browlift

This is relatively modern way of conducting a browlift surgery. Multiple small incisions are made on the head and a scope, which is little camera attached to a tube, is used to see the tissues and their conditions on the big screen. A device is put in via a separate incision to make the necessary changes.

  • Classical Browlift

The Classical Browlift calls for more and longer incision than endoscopic browlift. The incision begins from close to ears and is carried along the entire hairline. Classical browlift requires more dissection of the tissues then is required in endoscopic browlift.

What to do before a browlift?

The patient has to stop smoking and drinking. He or she also has to get some tests done too. Someone who is thinking of going for a browlift surgery is also recommended not to take any aspirins or any medications that thin blood and are anti-inflammatory. These medicines are not prescribed because they can start bleeding. In some cases, your cosmetic surgeon may also ask you to change your diet plan.

Browlift at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai

Browlift surgery is a safe and a relatively easy process but it still needs to be done carefully. This is why we recommend you pay us a visit at Cosmetics Surgeries Dubai. We have the best and the most state-of-the art facilities for our patients and our experienced doctors leave nothing to chance. There is after all a reason, why we have such a big number of satisfied patients. Come and visit us to see why so many people trust us.

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