Breast Reduction in Men in Dubai


The breast tissue in some men gets developed leading to man breasts due to hormonal imbalance, certain medication, extra fat and various other reasons. The situation is very embarrassing and can take a huge toll on confidence level and emotional well being.

If this problem happens in young individuals they are likely to develop depression and they also suffer from low self esteem. The technical term for over developed male breasts is Gynecomastia and it is not an un-common issue. It can be very easily treated by a simple breast reduction surgery for men offered with great success rate at our cosmetic surgery center in Dubai.

Breast Reduction in Men in Dubai

The Procedure:

Male breast reduction surgery can be performed at any age and is a very safe procedure when done by skilled plastic surgeons. It is performed under general anesthesia and it can take an hour to complete the surgery.  The incision is made along the areola and the excessive breast tissue is removed. The skin is stitched back and a pressure dressing is applied.

The patient can go home on the same day or the next day and generally there are no complications. Painkillers are adequate to keep the pain the pain away and antibiotics are prescribed to prevent infection.

The wound heals perfectly leaving no significant scars and you can resume the daily activities within a few days following the surgery.

Risks and Complications:

Male breast reduction is a very safe procedure and some mild complications like bleeding and bruising can occur. There can be some swelling after the surgery which goes away with time.

Things to Remember:

It is very important to choose the right plastic or cosmetic surgeon. You have only one body and putting it in the hands of anyone less competent can result is grave consequences. The ideal surgeon is someone who can understand what you want to achieve with the cosmetic surgery procedure and can offer the best possible solution.

Our state of the art cosmetic surgery facility has the best doctors, latest machines and most competent and compassionate staff to provide you exceptional services.

If you are one of the men having excessive breast development and feel uneasy about them, just pick up the phone and book a consultation with the best cosmetic surgeons in Dubai. We make sure that there is no compromise on your privacy and the quality of treatment.

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