BRAVA Breast Augmentation

Gone are the days when women who wanted better, great looking breasts had to go through painful surgeries. Modern science has enabled doctors and scientists to come up with various breast augmentation devices and procedures that are not only pain-free but take no time at all as well. At the top of that list is the BRAVA Breast Augmentation, a process that has changed breasts implants forever.

What is BRAVA?

The BRAVA device is a game changer when it comes to breast enhancement and augmentation. The device is a mesh bra that contains two plastic domes, one for each breast. The domes fit over the breasts. Once you put it on then the magic starts to work.

How does it work?

What BRAVA does is that it puts some light negative extra pressure on the breasts. The pressure causes the breasts to expand along with the internal tissues. The skin and the tissues beneath it all the way down to the chest of the patient expand which in turn allows for big amount of fat to be transferred. The procedure also allows the fat to survive under the skin.BRAVA Breast Augmentation Cost Dubai

There aren't too many breast augmentation and enhancement procedures that compare to the benefits of the BRAVA system. Good supply of blood and an enlarged Fibro-vascular scaffold arrangement is what combines to form the ideal condition for the grafting of the fat.

When to use BRAVA?

Before you go through the BRAVA+AFT process, you have to wear BRAVA for a few weeks beforehand. Your cosmetic surgeon should be allowed to tell you the time period you need to wear it before the actual process begins.

How successful the operation is depends on a lot of different factors. Some women can detect an increase in size just by putting on BRAVA. Having said that, it only expands the tissues. While it may do the trick for some women with a large amount of fat, other women will have to undergo fat transfer augmentation to have the desired results.

The patients' criteria

Women should be healthy, both mentally and physically for fat augmentation. The skin should be healthy and elastic enough. Drinking of alcohol or smoking is also normally banned quite a few months before the entire process starts. It is recommended that you consult a doctor, if you are thinking about breast fat augmentation because it is always better to talk to a surgeon face to face.

Why Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai?

At Cosmetics Surgeries Dubai, we make sure that our patients get the best and nothing but the best when it comes to services and treatment. This is why, we have brought onboard a team of highly qualified cosmetics surgeons that will look after each and every aspect of BRAVIA Breast Augmentation and will guide you through the process in as much detail as possible. Nothing is left to chance because that's the way we work and we are proud of it too.

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