Beard Hair Transplant

Beards have defined different aspects of a man's personality from the very beginning of human civilization. Why having a beard is important has of course varied from era to era and from culture to culture. Nowadays however, having a beard has become fashionable again. A lot of actors, musicians, comedians and sportsmen these days have beards these days and the general public has followed suit.

There are however some people who want to grow a beard but cannot do that due to different reasons. Some people have patchy hair on the face but not a full, complete beard. Some people just cannot grow hair on the face. Then there are some people who are either suffering from the thinning of facial hair or have had an accident that has stopped the growth of a beard.

If you are having trouble growing a beard, then there is nothing to worry about. Beard hair transplant is all that you need to get thick, masculine facial hair in no time.

When to go for a beard hair transplant?

You need to consult a cosmetic surgeon if you cannot grow any facial hair at all or if you have facial hair in patches. A visit to the doctor also becomes necessary if your beard is thinning and the density has gone down due to any physical issues like burns or any sorts of scars. You can also go to the doctor to enhance the beard you already have.

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What does a beard hair transplant does?

The beard hair transplant is ideal for you if you are looking to stop the thinning of facial hair. The procedure also helps to repair your facial hair after an accident or a mishap. It helps in improving your masculinity and of course gives your confidence a boost. You can also alter the shape and increase the density of your facial hair through a beard hair transplant.

The procedure

First up, you need to take into consideration a few things before going for a beard hair transplant. Commonly, patients are advised not to take any medication that thins blood. Patients are also normally advised not to drink or smoke before the surgery. Stay away from drinks that contain caffeine on the day of the procedure.

There are different types of beard hair transplant surgeries and it is recommended that you consult the doctor so that you know everything about the procedure. The surgeon will trim your hair so that there are no issues with the extraction of the follicles. Local anesthesia is then normally administered to make the donor area numb. The extraction is done carefully and the follicles are then implanted via small incisions.

It is recommended that you consult a cosmetics surgeon even after reading this so that you are absolutely clear about every aspect of the procedure. This is when we suggest you pay us a visit at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai and talk to our highly qualified surgeons. They will explain everything about beard hair transplant to you in detail. Once you come and visit us, we are very confident you would want to have the beard hair transplant done from us. If you make that decision, you will not regret it. We promise you that much.

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