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Hair loss or alopecia are terms used to describe partial or complete baldness. Hair loss has been a big problem for men for centuries now. Baldness or a lack of hair can often results in severe lack of confidence which in turn affects their routine life patents greatly.

A lot of different factors can contribute towards triggering hair loss. It could be because of some sort of a trauma, lack of proper nutrition, chemotherapy, radiation or a genetic disorder among a lot of other things. The great news is that the advancement in science and technology has ensured that different types of baldness can now be treated and that includes frontal baldness or the Vertex hair loss.

What is Vertex Hair Loss?

The Vertex hair loss pertains to the loss of hair from the front or the crown. This is one of the most common types of hair loss among men. Statistics show that in over 95% of the cases, men suffer from male pattern baldness, also known as MPB. The hair from the lateral sides of the forehead start to recede and that eventually turns in to the vertex having no hair at all. The Vertex being the upper half of the head.

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How is the issue tackled?

The first thing to do if you are suffering from loss of hair or baldness of the crown is to seek proper professional help. Your doctor will assess the nature of the hair loss and the amount of hair loss you have suffered. Then he or she will map a proper way forward and will discuss that with you so that you are on the same page.

Now the process is not as simple as just taking some hair follicles out and putting them in the affected area for the hair to re-grow. The process used to make your crown regain hair is known as the Follicular Unite Extraction or simple FUE. It requires quite a big number of contributing hair follicles. The hair need to be of the right quality so that they can be drafted.

The biggest advantage of FUE is that the hair from the body can be harvested for the purpose of the Artistic Vertex Design. The doctor will have to take stock of different factors before starting the procedure. The surgeon will have to assess the biological boundaries and the aesthetic taste of the patient before he gets to work. That is very important for the patient to be comfortable and for the doctor to understand what he is dealing with.

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