AFT Breast Augmentation

Breast Implants or breast augmentations have grown in number recently. There was a time when women who wanted good breasts had nowhere to go or tried various not so reliable methods that had catastrophic effects. With the advancement in medical science, it is now quite simple for women to get the kind of breasts they want. At the top of the list is AFT Breast Augmentation.

What is AFT Breast Augmentation?

The AFT Breast Augmentation is a relatively pain free procedure that improves the shape of your breast without any side effects or long lasting negative implications. Women who resort to surgery or other complicated procedures have to deal with pain, scars and long periods of recovery time. All these factors, or even one of these in isolation, can have adverse effects both mentally as well as physically.

The substitute to all that hassle is AFT Breast Augmentation. Fat from different parts of the patient’s very own body is used to improve the size and the shape of the breasts. It is pain free and has a very good success rate. Women that have undergone AFT Breast Augmentation have really felt the difference.AFT Breast Augmentation in Dubai


Things to Know

Before you decide to have an AFT Breast Augmentation there are certain things that you need to know. The breasts should have the requisite structure and the skin of the patient has to be healthy and elastic. The patient also needs to be healthy both mentally and physically. So it is always recommended to discuss every aspect of the procedure with the doctor before going ahead with it. This is extremely important.

AFT Breast Augmentation in a nutshell

The breasts are studied by the doctor and areas to enter the skin and augment are carefully marked. General anesthesia is then given to the patient while she is conscious. General anesthesia instead of local anesthesia is used simply because fat from other parts of the body is collected to be injected into the breasts.

AFT Breast AugmentationCannulas, which are stainless steel tubes, are put into the skin to take out fat. A standard procedure takes somewhere between 2 to 4 hours and the patient is rested till anesthesia wears off. The recovery time is so quick that the patients resume their routine life in a couple of days post surgery. Antibiotics and a few other medicines are also prescribed to counter issues like infections, minor numbness and a little bit of bruising. It will all go away in no time at all.

Why Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai?

At Cosmetics Surgeries Dubai we have the best equipment and the most competent cosmetic surgeons around. The facilities we offer are unparalleled which is one of the biggest reasons, our patients trust us. Why go for the average when you can have the procedure done by the absolute best in the business? So, if you want good sexy breasts, give AFT Breast Augmentation a try and you will not be disappointed, that much we guarantee.

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