Laser Liposuction in Dubai

Stubborn areas of fat deposit which are resistant to diet and exercise can be treated by liposuction, a procedure to suck out the extra fats from the body. As it is evident by the name, the laser liposuction is a procedure in which the extra fat is sucked out of the body after it is melted and liquefied with the help of specially designed laser. Residents of Dubai, can get the best liposuction in Dubai from us at Cosmetic Surgeries Dubai. You will also get the added benefit of getting the best packages when it comes to liposuction cost in Dubai.

Laser Liposuction in Dubai

Laser Liposuction:

Laser liposuction is an extremely safe and minimally invasive procedure that is very effective to treat the delicate areas of the body like chin, neck and arms. These areas can be re shaped and sculpted with the help of laser liposuction.

The biggest advantage of laser liposuction is that it does not require general anesthesia so there are no anesthesia related complications. The incisions or holes made through which the fat is sucked out are extremely small and leave no scars. The laser not only melts the fat, it also tightens the skin which is an added benefit.

We have the latest and most modern machine for laser liposuction and our exceptionally skilled cosmetic surgeons are highly trained and competent to provide laser liposuction with best results. We make sure to maintain the best standards of practice and the rate of complications like infection is negligible at our centre.

Benefits of Laser Liposuction:

  • Laser liposuction takes less time than conventional liposuction and you can return to your normal activities sooner.
  • No need for general anesthesia or sedation hence less risks of complications.
  • Small areas and localized deposits can be easily treated by laser liposuction.
  • The risk of infection and sagging skin is minimal.
  • Can be combined with face lift or chin lift for maximum results.
  • The extracted fat can be used as fillers.

You must be very careful to choose the right place to get laser liposuction from. The procedure is absolutely safe in expert hands but anyone less than competent doing it can lead to a disaster. We offer the best laser liposuction in Dubai and with our state of the art machines and highly competent cosmetic surgeons we can confidently promise for great results. If you want to know how much does liposuction costs in Dubai then get in touch with us for all the details to get the best liposuction price in Dubai.

If you are concerned about sagging jowls, double chin or wobbly upper arms, laser liposuction is the ideal treatment choice for you.  This procedure can be done at any age and is most suitable for smaller areas of fat deposit.

As with every cosmetic procedure there are certain limitations to laser liposuction as well. It is not a substitute for exercise or a weight loss plan and though the results are good , a healthy life style has to be maintained to stay in shape and maintain the results for a long period of time.

To see if laser liposuction is suitable for you or to have a detailed discussion about the procedure, book an appointment with one of our cosmetic surgeons today. Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

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